Slit Lamp Biomicroscope

SL-D7 Digital

Product Category: Ophthalmology/ENT
Product Ref: OPH02


- Magnification ratios: 6X, 10X, 16X, 25X, 40X
- Convergent binocular tubes
- Incorporated amber filter
- Optional DC-3 digital camera for 8 megapixel imaging or Nikon photo attachment for 12 megapixel imaging
- The optional digital photo attachment with the FD-21 flash device converts the SL-D7 into a flash-through-the-slit digital photo slit lamp.

SL-D7 Biomicroscope with its optional Digital Photo Attachment is the only digital photo slit lamp with a flash-through-the-slit illumination system. This allows for unsurpassed clarity and image excellence in slit lamp photography.

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