Resucitation Unit

Ampla 2085 - Fanem (Brazil)

Product Category: Pediatrics
Product Ref: PED01


- Optional items that allow configurations to the ICU, post-surgery or baby nursery;
- Three options for screens: LED display, monochrome and color LCD;
- Three options for bed - electric or manual table and acrylic bassinet;
- Bypass drawer for X-rays;
- Optional for gas panel with aspirator and/or resuscitator unit;

Complete, Total care ICU Machine
- Two options for coupled phototherapy: Bilitron or Bilitron Bed;
- Two options for warming: radiant warmer - articulate reflector - or thermal mattress;
- Optional kit for transport, which includes thermal mattress and 2-hour batteries;
- Possibility of coupling Bubble CPAP - Babypap;
- In-bed scale and pulse oximeter.

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