Diathermy Machine

Curapuls 970 enraf-nonius/ EU

Product Category: Surgical Equipment
Product Ref: SUR05


- Adjustable peak power (maximum 200 watt)
- Adjustable pulse width and frequency
- Conveniently arranged display
- Power indicator
- Adjustable electrode arms
- Standard accessories
- Electrode arms 2 white
- Cable clamp
- Disk Electrodes
- 130 mm x 2Mains cable 230V
- Operating manual
- Curapuls 970 Neon Checklight

The continuously adjustable intensity and the output of 400 Watt provide optimum application possibilities.
Continuous shortwave therapy increases the circulation and stimulates the metabolism.
The pulsed peak power can be set to a maximum of 1000 Watts
The related average power is however, much lower.
Biological processes, which should not be heat-treated, can therefore be treated a-thermally.

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