Portable Weighing Balance

Scout Pro

Product Category: Laboratory Equipment
Product Ref: LAB016


- Quick and easy-to-use with large weighing pan and simple two-button operation
- Units are equipped with mechanical and software protection. - Selectable weighing units: g, kg, oz., lbs., combined lbs./oz., oz. t, and dwt.
- Perfect for parts counting (with automatic optimization), display hold, percent weighing, and totalization (to display limit). Large 1.5cm (5/8"),
- High-contrast LCD screen is angled for optimum viewing.
- Sealed front panel and spill ring for spill protection.
- Easy span and linearity calibration.
- Span calibration mass is included on the 200g, 400g, and 600g models.
- User-selectable auto shut-off.
- Tare range: to capacity by subtraction.

Standard features include:
weigh-below hook, stability indicator, over/under load error indicator, low battery indicator, integral security bracket, and shipping lock.

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