Patient Monitor


Product Category: Hospital Equipment
Product Ref: HE012


- 10.4 inches anti-glare TFT LCD screen (800 × 600)
- Simultaneous display of up to 11 waveforms
- ECG, SpO2, Resp, NIBP, 2 × Temp, PR, 2 × IBP (optional), EtСО2 (optional)
- Built-in Li-ion battery with 4.5 hours of battery life
- Arrythmia and S-T segment analysis
- Thermal printer (optional)
- 3-level audible and visible alarm capability
- CMS capability
- Automatic storage of information possible
- Powerful storage capacity - 96 hours graphic and tabular trends of all parameters
- Storage of graphical and tabular trends of all parameters of last 96 hours, 500 NIBP measurement results and 60 alarm events
- USB output, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, VGA(optional)

This monitor is portable and compact. It offers high-performance monitoring suitable for adult, pediatric and neonate patients

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