Infusion Pump

St-1000 Samtronic

Product Category: Hospital Equipment
Product Ref: HE020


- Total volume infused display, ml (total volume infused) 0.1-9,999
KVO rate, ml/hr (total volume infused) 0.1-3
- Power needed, vac (energy) 110-230v
- Kind of battery (battery) ni-cd/ni-mh
- Frequency, hz (revolutions) 50/60
- Dimensions (hxwxd) (rise time, msec) 16 x 30 x 10 (6.3 x 11.8 x 3.9)
Weight, kg (lb) (display) 1.5
- Max units per pole (audible alarm) 4iv set free-flow safeguard (iv set) - yes
- Kind of set (IV set) universaltime/date stamp (alerts and signals) - yes
- Fluid resistant (total volume infused) - yes
- Pump system (audible alarm) peristaltic type

Infusion Pump St-1000 Samtronic Brazil

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