Electrolyte Analyzer

E-Lyte Plus

Product Category: Laboratory Equipment
Product Ref: LAB013


- Sample type: Whole Blood, Serum, Urine
- Sample Volume: 65 microlitre, 100 microlitre or 140 microlitre
- Measurement: <= 25 seconds/test
- Choice of any combination of K+, Na+, Cl‐, Ca++ and pH channels with options for Mg++ & Li+.
- Automatic one or two point calibration
- 7Inches Color touch screen for easy operation
- Dimension: 358 x 209 x 384 mm
- Weight: 6.0 kg
- Built‐in thermal printer
- RS‐232 port for bar‐code reader support
- Up to 10000 test results can be stored
- Working Environment

HTI's E-Lyte Plus electrolyte analyzer measures the concentration of K+, Na+, Cl-, Ca++ and pH in whole blood, serum and urine samples. Optional electrodes for Mg++ and Li+ ions are also available.

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