Bilitron Bed

Bilitron 4006 - Fanem (Brazil)

Product Category: Pediatrics
Product Ref: PED07


- Microprocessed phototherapy with advanced irradiation source technology within the therapeutic blue spectrum range.
- No emission of infrared or ultraviolet rays.

Optional Accessories:
1. Radiometer
2. Skin temperature sensor
3. Eye protection (Band Cap)
4. Neonatal Pillow
5. Adhesive kit for temperature sensor fastening

- Nursery
- Neonatal ICU
- Home Care
The Super-LED Phototherapy Blue Light For Life. Reflective and reverse photo-therapy.
The Bilitron Bed 4006 offers high-intensity reflective and reverse phototherapy by Super LED offering an evolution in reverse and reflective phototherapy treatment, it is being ideal for application in newborns for both small and large body surface. Its Super LED source generates high-intensity radiation in the ideal spectrum range for hyperbilirubinemia treatment.
With a micro processed controller unit, it incorporates different functions that represent true progress in phototherapy treatment.

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