Chemistry Analyzer

Monza Randox/UK

Product Category: Laboratory Equipment
Product Ref: LAB04


- 128 programmable tests
- 32 direct access keys allow quick access to 64 pre programmed tests
- Three assay modes available endpoint, fixed time and kinetic
- 8 long life filters 340, 415, 510, 546, 578, 600, 660 and 700nm
- Temperature control in one-degree steps
from 20-40C
- Integrated screen, keyboard and printer
- Superior built in QC software etc

Designed for low volume testing, the RX Monza is a clinical chemistry analyzer that boasts a small footprint and is extremely flexible and reliable.
This semi automated unit offers all the functionality one would expect from a fully automated analyzer is an ideal unit for coagulation testing.
The test menu includes lipids, coagulation, veterinary testing, wine and food testing, cardiac, diabetes, electrolytes, liver and renal functions and routine clinical chemistry.

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