4D Ultrasound Scanner

DC-7 Mindray (USA)

Product Category: Radiology/Imaging Equipment
Product Ref: IMG01


- 4D imaging: real time, more details
- Contrast Imaging: enhance pathology structures
- iClearTM : speckle noise reduction.
- iScapeTM view: wide field of view imaging
- iZoom: full screen image display to offer more visibility.
- Phase inversion tissue harmonic imaging
- Touch screen: Multi-language input and user definable selections and layout
- High resolution LCD monitor

DC-7 is highly configurable, from dedicated use in a single department, or as a general purpose system for more complete hospital and point-of-care support.
It also succeeds in pushing the boundaries of image quality, ergonomic design and simplified workflow to address more and more challenges, such as the aging population, restricted budgets, shortage of qualified personnel etc.

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