Rotograph Imaging System

Rotograph D - 2D Panoramic Imaging System

Product Category: Radiology/Imaging Equipment
Product Ref: IMG02


- Simple, immediate, versatile, reliable
- This Panoramic will carry you into the digital age with an affordable and rapidly recoverable investment.
- The Rotograph D guides you through messages on the handheld alphanumeric display, allowing you to use preset anatomical programs or manually customize test parameters to fit patient needs and image preference.
- The CCD sensor with a CSI (Cesium Iodide) scintilator screen provides high resolution, sharp, clear diagnostic images with real time image display.

- You can use the capture software with advanced image filtering Or feel free to work with your preferred capture software via the software twain function
Features all basic programs:
- Standard Panoramic
- Child Panoramic
- TMJ Open/Closed Mouth

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