Suction Machine

Vacus 7303 Dixion (Germany)

Product Category: Surgical Equipment
Product Ref: SUR04


- Oil-less vacuum source requires no maintenance.
- Extensible handle and 4 wheels make it easy to move about.
- Storage bottles made of high-quality plastics are easy to use and clean.
- Overflow protection device prevents the liquid from entering the pump.
- Hoses are made of non-toxic glass like polymer and are easy to use and clean.
- Air filter reduces contamination of the environment.
- Adjustable vacuum range 0,02 MPa-0,09 MPs (150-680 mmHg)
- Flow rate 30 +/- 2 l/Min.
- Noise < 60 dB
- Storage bottle 2000 ml +1000ml

Vacus 7303 offers a high vacuum and a high flow with double piston cylinders. It rapidly builds up a powerful vacuum, which makes it especially useful in surgical operations when large quantities of fluid must be suctioned out quickly.

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