Diagnostic Set (Wall Mounted)


Product Category: Hospital Equipment
Product Ref: HE025



- Wall Mount Transformer with Handles
- Comes Standard with Two Diagnostic Handles
- Spiral Cords Expandable up to 3 meters
- 3.5V Coaxial Ophthalmoscope:
* Enables easy access to undilated pupils for accurate diagnosis
* Halogen lamp provides light output for true tissue color and consistent, long-lasting illumination
- 3.5V Fiber Optic Otoscope:
* >2X Magnification
* Swiveling wide-angle viewing lens allows for instrumentation during magnification
* Sealed system for pneumatic otoscopy and accurate diagnosis of otitis media
- Ear Thermometer:
- Sphygmomanometer:
- Latex and Mercury Free
- Reusable Ear Specula
- Specula Dispenser-Tip Dispenser for all Specifications of Ear Specula
- Wooden Plate mount (large size)

The DRE WS350 Wall Mount Diagnostic System includes all the instruments you'll need to perform a complete diagnostic examination: illuminating scopes, thermometers, specula and more. The system is designed for accuracy and ease of use.

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